Tom’s Responsibilities as CEO

Here’s the current list of responsibilities that I’m spending my time on.

See something listed that I’m no longer doing, or think there’s something missing from the list below? Drop me a Slack message so I can update this page.


I’m the line manager for:

  • Daisy
  • Siobhan
  • Ross
  • Zoe
  • Petya
  • Dee

We have weekly 1:1s, and I support them through 360 feedback rounds, performance reviews, their PDPs, as well as help guide and advise their work, career, and any challenges they’re facing.

Company Leadership

  • I have monthly or quarterly 1:1s with all leaders who don’t report to me directly.
  • I own the company leaders standup Geekbot which people complete weekly.
  • I own the fortnightly leaders’ all hands.


  • I lead the overall implementation and communication of company strategy.
  • I’m acting as overall project lead for the initial strategy projects.

Operations Team

  • I lead the operations team.
  • I guide the team and support them to do their work.
  • We have fortnightly team hangouts.
  • I sign-off final hiring decisions for new hires in the operations team.


  • The VP of People and Culture reports to me.
  • I have a 1:1 with every new starter.
  • I’m available for ad-hoc 1:1s with everyone in the company.
  • I have regularly 1:1s with others in leadership roles who don’t report to me as their manager.
  • I’m involved in most emergent or ongoing people issues, including people leaving, performance issues, health issues, or anything else.


  • The Director of Business Operations reports to me.
  • I work closely with the team to monitor and make decisions as needed around cashflow planning, short-term funding, and expense decisions. And stay aware of our financial position, account standing with our main clients, how different scenarios could play out etc.

Client Services

  • The Head of Accounts and Project Management report to me.
  • I make sure I have an awareness of all key projects, accounts, how each region is doing, our allocation challenges.
  • I’m the ultimate escalation point for client issues and internal client services issues.
  • I sign-off final hiring decisions for new hires in project management, and accounts.

Communication & Presence

  • I’m always available on Slack and regularly chat to people 1:1 or in channels.
  • I record a bi-weekly internal podcast.
  • I write weekly updates.
  • I attend the main company hangout.
  • I read almost everything that gets posted internally and stay broadly aware of everything that’s happening and what the status, successes, and challenges are across all areas.


  • As CEO I take calls or meetings with people external to the company.
  • I sometimes participate in interviews or podcasts.
  • I attend conferences and other events.