Holiday Policy

You are entitled to a minimum of 28 days paid holiday per year. You can take more provided this does not impact your ability to carry out your work.

Due to the global nature of the team, don’t assume that all of your team members will be aware of your local public holidays, if you plan to take off a public holiday make sure it is entered in CharlieHR and let people know that you will be absent. You should always inform your Project Manager if you intend to be off work.

If you have to take short periods of time off for things like appointments or any short-term unexpected circumstances, you do not need to count these towards your holiday. You should update your personal calendar and make sure that your team is aware of your availability.

To avoid stress and burnout, it’s important that you do take time off throughout the year. When you are overworked this has a negative impact on you and the rest of the company. If you are having trouble taking time off, talk to your team lead about how we can better balance your workload.

If you are sick or have other unexpected circumstance during your holiday period, it is reasonable to take more holiday to ensure that you get proper downtime. Please make sure you update Charlie so that sick days are recorded as sick days and don’t remain as holiday.


Taking time off will affect those that you are working with and it may be that your day-to-day responsibilities need handing over to someone else. This is particularly the case for humans working on client projects, so it’s important to keep your team updated about your plans.

The process for taking time off is as follows:

  1. Let your PM/team and allocations (if relevant) know
  2. Enter your details into Charlie HR

When planning time off, you need to:

  • Try to give everyone as much notice as possible, at least double the amount of time that you are taking off.
  • Check with your immediate team that it is a good time to do so.
  • Inform your project manager if you are taking time off, even after your current project finishes, so they can update Forecast.
  • Add your dates into CharlieHR. These will then be exported to the Charlie Calendar so the team can see when you are off.

We will try not to refuse any proposed time off, although due to work pressures it may occasionally be necessary to do this or to ask you to rearrange the dates. We will try our best to give you as much notice as possible. By UK law the notice period for refusal should be at least the length of the holiday.

The holiday year runs from May 1st – April 30th.


We use CharlieHR for tracking time-off and time for professional development. You should enter the following information into Charlie using the appropriate categories:

  • holiday – any holiday. This counts towards your minimum entitlement.
  • parental – maternity, paternity, adoption leave
  • sick – if you are sick or unfit to work
  • compassionate – for bereavement or time-off to care for a family member
  • Professional Development – time off to focus on training and education, attend workshops and training, or educational conferences
  • Community Events – WordCamps, Meetups, other community events
  • Lieu time – if you have worked additional hours such as over a weekend or a number of evenings.

Other types of time away should be recorded in:

  • your personal Human Made calendar: on-sites, client trips
  • HM General Calendar: Team Meetups

If you’re unsure ask in #teamadmin


If you are sick or injured during a period of holiday, and would have been unable to work, you may choose to treat the period of incapacity as sick leave and take the corresponding holiday days at another time.

Holiday continues to accrue during periods of long term sickness so if you are unable to take your 28 day holiday allowance in a leave year because of sickness absence then it may be carried over into the next leave year.

Holiday continues to accrue during periods of family (maternity, paternity, adoption, parental or shared parental leave). Please talk to us about your holiday plans if you are planning to take a period of family leave that will last beyond the end of the holiday year. If you are unable to take some of your 28 day holiday allowance in a leave year because of family leave then it may be carried over into the next leave year.


When you leave our employment you may be asked to use any accrued but unused holiday from your 28 day minimum entitlement during your notice period. Alternatively we will pay you in lieu of accrued but unused holiday.