Remote work allowance

We cover incidental costs associated with working remotely. Examples of things that you could expense are:

  • The cost of a desk in a co-working space.
  • Home internet – if you primarily work from home, you may expense your entire home internet bill (and if there is the option to pay more to get a faster connection, that’s fine to do).
  • Coffee, tea or other drinks (if you find yourself working from a cafe).
  • Airport lounge access so you can access power sockets and have a quiet place to work.
  • Costs associated with travelling to co-work with another human (see co-working policy)
  • Anything else that supports you while you work remotely.

You don’t need permission, just ask yourself (or someone else) if it’s something you need to effectively carry out your work and whether it’s reasonable that Human Made would pay for it. As a guide, remote working costs can run up to £350 per month (this is a top end estimate and is mostly due to high co-working costs in some cities). For a full guide on expectations see this post here.

Note: we do not expect to cover expenses for everyday commuting to a co-working space or office, for example travel passes or bus fares. In a co-located office, travel into your normal place of work is an expense which would normally be incurred by employees and therefore it’s not an additional expense that is incurred by working remotely. Human Made will cover the cost of commuting to exceptional places of work, e.g. for co-working or meetups.

Coffee, tea or other drinks in a coffee shop
Whilst we will reimburse for drinks if you find yourself working from a coffee shop, we do not recommend working from one regularly, as you’re unable to create an ergonomic workstation. Also note we don’t reimburse for any snacks or meals when working from a coffee shop (this isn’t applicable if you’re on a co-working or work trip with other humans).