The Hiring Process: What to expect

If you are a candidate who is currently exploring a role at Human Made, whether we have reached out to you or whether you have approached us, you will find here a general overview of the interview process you can expect to undergo.  

With most openings, we receive a large number of applications and sourced candidates, which demands all hiring managers and stakeholders engage actively in hiring tasks to ensure we meet our deadlines.

So here are some general aspects and steps of the process to handle applications in a timely manner: 

1- The stages: We outline and agree on an interview process laid out by the hiring managers and supported by the People Ops team (our recruiter), which is normally broken down in one of the following ways: 

Engineering roles

  1. Application 
  2. Email interview  
  3. Video interview with two Engineering Managers 
  4. Feedback provided by interviewers, in support of a hiring decision made by the Director of Engineering (Profile link)
  5. Final decision: Rejection email, or, formal offer 

Product roles

  1. Application
  2. Initial screen, which may be an email or phone interview
  3. Video interview with the Head of Product and another Product team member 
  4. Technical assessment (which only applies depending on role) for which we expect you to book a 4-6hr slot of your time to be able to complete it 
  5. Feedback and final decision: Rejection email, or, formal offer 

Commercial roles

  1. Application 
  2. Email interview 
  3. Video interview which may include a presentation or another form of assessment
  4. Feedback provided by interviewers in support of a hiring decision
  5. Additional interviews may take place but this is only contingent on isolated interview processes with each candidate.  
  6. Final decision: Rejection email, or, formal offer 

Project Managers:

  1. Application 
  2. Email interview 
  3. Short Assessment
  4. Video Interview with our Project Management Lead, and/or a peer Project Manager, and an Account Manager
  5. Final decision: Rejection email, or, formal offer 

2- Overseers and/or stakeholders: We put together an interview panel that includes the hiring manager, an executive or director, and one or two peers the new hire will work closely with. Everyone involved will be assigned ownership to review candidates at different stages in the following manner: 

  • Applications: Recruiter and hiring managers
  • Email interviews: Hiring managers, and recruiter (upon request) 
  • Video interviews: Hiring managers and interview panel  
  • Final decision: Hiring managers1 with the support and feedback provided by the panel.

Note: Even though the hiring managers will be providing feedback internally, it is very likely our recruiter will liaise and handle all communications with candidates up to the video interview stage unless otherwise specified , in which case they will own the process until a final decision is made. Upon reaching a final decision, the hiring manager will contact the candidate with a rejection email and feedback, or an offer.   

3- Feedback: We provide it upon request but depending on volume and current hiring needs we might not always be able to send any in the early stages of the process as this can be time-consuming, and we need to take into consideration that it is more relevant for those candidates that have undergone all stages, up until reaching a final decision.  

4- Re-Applying: We strongly encourage all former applicants to keep checking our career site within six months to a year, since we believe this is a reasonable period in which we will be opening new roles (which is dependent on team growth and business strategy), as well as for you to refine your current skill set and to mature into a role that is in line with our requirements. 

1 Most of the time we try to handle this with tact and have the interested hiring manager reach out directly to all applicants in the final stages, be it with an offer or a rejection. We value the time and effort you have invested in the process and respect your interest in the company, however, depending on volume and workload, our rejection emails may be delayed or sent out by our recruiter.