Your first week

For the rest of your first week, you’ll spend some time getting more familiar with Human Made, including our humans, the company, and our culture. Your manager and discipline buddy will help you get started with some of the specifics related to your job. When you’re not doing that, these are things that we like you to focus on during your first week.

If you have any questions about this process, reach out to your buddy!


The People Team at Human Made looks after our humans and organization.

We create a Human Made employee experience so that talented people, like yourselves, want to join and stay at Human Made. We put in place People-related infrastructure, philosophies and practices so that everyone has a work environment where they can thrive.
We’re focused on strategic and operational support to help humans, teams and Human Made do well. In the first few weeks, The People Coordinator (Leyla or Sumaiya) will set up a welcome call with Siobhan –  the VP of People & Culture, but also please contact any of us directly any time to talk about whatever is on your mind or feel free to ask us publicly in the #company-people channel that we use for any people-related discussions and questions.


The People Coordinator will also set up a number of calls with the Executive team and other humans relevant to your onboarding and job position. The calendar invitations for the calls will be sent to your email. These calls are informal welcome calls where you can hear more about the company from the partners themselves and share more about yourself, your personal and professional background.


Take some time to read the rest of the staff handbook and make sure you understand it. The next sections – WORKING HERE and THE COMPANY include all the policies and information you need as an Human Made employee. If there is anything you are not sure about please ask your People buddy, Team Buddy, or someone else on the team. It’s important that you read the entire handbook and you should do so by the end of your first month.

When you have read and understood the handbook, please visit this page and click the Confirm button. By clicking the button, you are telling us that you have read and understood the handbook, and are familiar with the HR policies. We will notify you if we make any changes to our policies.

Learn more about Human Made

H2s (previously: P2s)

Now that you’re a member of the team, it’s a good time to learn more about Human Made and about how we work. That means it’s time to get reading  Here’s where to start:

  • Familiarise with Human Made and Altis branding.
  • Updates – reading through the archive of updates will give you excellent insight into how the company works. If you read no other H2, make sure you read this one.
  • Announcements – for all company announcements and news. 
  • Community – if you’re interested in our involvement in WordPress and the wider web development and open source communities.
  • Retreat– to learn more about our company retreat.
  • Ideas – find out about the wild ideas that humans come up with.

Do read through any H2 that takes your interest. All of our H2s live here.

Meet the rest of the team

Your People buddy will add you to the #virtual-coffee-or-tea channel. Being a remote company, we have to make an effort to get to know each other and initiate social interactions that would have come naturally if we had a physical office. Bi-weekly you will be randomly paired with a different human for an informal catch up. Designed to give everyone the chance to communicate in a different setting outside the usual working patterns and socialize cross functionally, this will help you meet with humans from different teams, to create new bonds and strengthen existing ones. We’d like you to meet at least 10 other humans (across 20 weeks). After that you’re welcome to leave the #virtual-coffee-or-tea room if you prefer.

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