For web properties, you can use the Human Made pattern library.

🔒 Our logo and other branding materials are available in our Google Drive.

If you need business cards, please follow these steps:

  1. Ping Barbara to arrange for her to design the layout for you, providing the following details:
    • name
    • surname
    • job title
  • and three other details maximum, choosing from this list:
    • email address
    • Twitter handle
    • mobile number
    • landline number (or Skype)
    • GitHub
    • profile
  1. You will receive an email invite to the Human Made account. Register and then review the business card Barbara has made for you to ensure all the details are correct.
  2. Place an order on Moo and when you get to the ‘Payment details’ section which is on the ‘Checkout’ page, there is a drop-down menu where you should select ‘Company invoice’. Enter the Matlock office address as the billing address.