Adding H2 updates to a Slack channel

To add a feed from a particular H2 to a Slack channel please follow these steps:

  1. In the Slack channel go to Channel Settings > Add an app or integration
  2. You will be sent to the Slack website, in the search box find Incoming Webhooks.
  3. Click Add Configuration. Fill the required fields for the setup and copy the Webhook URL
  4. On the H2, you need the Slack plugin activated (You need to be be proxied to see the Plugins menus on the H2.)
  5. Once it’s activated, go to Slack Integrations > Add new
  6. In the Service URL field, add the Webhook URL you copied in step 3
  7. Fill the remaining fields and choose the events you’d like to send updates for
  8. Check the Active checkbox
  9. Save
  10. Once you save, test the integration

You’re done!