Email Interview: Feedback

If you apply for a role at Human Made and are moved forward in the process, it is very likely you will get invited to fill out an email questionnaire. If so, congratulations! This means there is something about you the hiring team finds interesting and which makes you stand out as an applicant. However, this is not enough information to provide us with a full picture on your qualifications. This is why we invite you to complete an email interview, so that we can dig into your communication style and ability to express how you solve problems.

If you’re truly interested in working for us, the email interview is a very useful means to gauge your passion, and whether your answers reflect the knowledge needed to perform in this position. Nevertheless, as in every hiring process, this is also a means to narrow down the pool of applicants so we can move forward to the final stages of the process. If you are worried about the outcome, here are some questions you can answer to assess your submission and understand why you might get rejected or move on to the next step:

  1. Did I answer all the questions in the email interview?
  2. Was I mindful of grammar and punctuation? And did I check if there were any typos or spelling mistakes before sending my responses?
  3. Were my answers coherent and thorough? Or put differently, if I had asked someone else the same questions and they submitted the same answers, do I think they make sense and are detailed enough for me to form an informed opinion?
  4. Were my answers too short? Were my answers too long?
  5. Did I use appropriate language? Did the terminology I used pertain to my knowledge of the role, experience and field of work?
  6. Was I honest and transparent about the areas I am not familiar with and did I provide more details as to why and how I plan to improve in those regards?
  7. Did I think through every answer and was I aware of not sounding generic and nonchalant? Did I hold my reader’s attention and put effort into making my writing fluent and assertive?