Company Communications

Being Human Podcast

Every other week, Tom records a podcast with one or more HM employees. Daisy is responsible for scheduling and planning the guests then edits the recording and posts the finished podcast episode to Updates, usually a few days after recording.

The exact time of recording varies depending on the guest’s timezone and also to try to include a variety of timezones. Daisy pings a Zoom link in #general to give people a chance to join if they’d like to listen along live and also adds it to the HM General calendar. If you ever want to check when the next episode is, feel free to ping Daisy in #company-podcasts. Similarly if you’d like to request a podcast guest (or you can DM Daisy if you’d like to do so anonymously).

Questions can be submitted at any time via 🔒 this Google Form and they come through anonymously.

Previous episodes can be found in the 🔒 Company Podcasts folder.

Being a podcast guest

If you are due to be a guest on a podcast please familiarise yourself with these tips beforehand:

  • Within the 1 hour slot, the first 10 mins is for setup and prep which leaves 50 minutes for discussion.
  • You will need to record your audio locally as a backup for editing in case the Zoom recording isn’t good enough quality so please check whether your computer has QuickTime or similar. Tom can help you actually start the recording when you’re on the Zoom call though. N.B. Remember to check mic input setting in QuickTime.
  • Try not to use timestamps when talking such as ‘last week’ / ‘tomorrow’ as often, people are listening a long time after the fact e.g. I started working at Human Made in 2016 is preferable to I've been here 4 years.
  • Close Slack and any other distractions (also so that there aren’t any notification sounds in the background!)
  • Daisy will give you advance notice (usually the day before) of any questions submitted so please keep an eye on #company-podcasts.
  • After the call, save your local recording and keep hold of it but no need to send it to Daisy unless she requests it as it’s only a backup. Once she posts your episode on Updates, you can delete it.
  • If you don’t want to record with colleagues listening i.e. would prefer it to just be you, Tom and Daisy, let Daisy know in advance so she doesn’t advertise it on Updates and in #general.

Please also listen to one or two recent episodes so you know the format to expect.

After your episode is live, there’s a field in Slack profiles where you can link to it if you wish.

Town Halls

Every four weeks the Exec Team hosts a one hour Town Hall session where anyone has the opportunity to put questions to them. The time rotates through two different timezones (so each slot has it every 8 weeks) and can be found in the HM General calendar. A reminder is posted on Updates along with the link for asking questions, and the Zoom link is posted in #general just before it starts.

The recording is shared later that week on Updates along with timestamps for the questions; previous ones can be found in the 🔒 Company Town Halls folder.

CEO updates

Every other week on a Friday, Tom posts a roundup of recent company news and information on the Announcements H2. If you have any suggestions or requests for content to be included, please let Daisy know.