Working Week Expectations

At Human Made, we focus more on the outcomes you achieve and your output rather than the hours that you log at the company. If you can meet the expectations of your role by working flexibly and following non-traditional hours, and your manager is happy for you to do so, then that fits within our flexible working culture.

It does help, however, to be clear about our expectations of what a working week looks like. This ensures that everyone is on the same page about what is expected and so we can keep track if someone is regularly working in excess of these hours or working many fewer hours. It also helps with setting expectations externally with our clients. 

The standard working week at Human Made is forty hours, which breaks down to roughly seven hours per day working (thirty-five hours per week) and one hour for breaks (five hours per week). This should include at least one break of twenty minutes or more, which should be taken away from your computer. 


Does this meet the statutory requirements of the countries where we have legal entities?

You can read more about the requirements for our legal entities which are listed below. We meet them in the following ways:

Will I get paid overtime if I work in excess of these hours?

No. We expect you to be keeping track of your time and, if you are working regularly over these hours, discussing this with your manager so that you can take additional time off or reduce your responsibilities overall. 

There are times when you may be away for work (retreat for example) or increase your working hours to get a project over the line, and in general we will provide lieu time to make up for this. These situations are covered by the following contractual terms:

Do I have to work my hours across five days a week?

At a company level, flexing your time and working four long days or six short days, or breaking up your days in a non-traditional pattern is fine. However, each team and project will have its own cadence and requirements. Therefore you should discuss and agree your working patterns with your manager and, if you are on a professional services project, with your squad. 

Does the seven hours of work time include time for internal comms and administrative tasks?

Yes. It is understood that individuals who are on PS projects will need up to one hour per day to account for internal meetings, keeping up to date with company communications, and completing administrative tasks such as filing expense reports or maintaining their equipment. This should account for no more than five hours in a week.