We use Zapier to connect various tools and services. For example we might trigger Slack messages whenever someone checks in on Swarm or follows us on Twitter or push Crowdcast signups to Mailchimp, etc.

Human Made has a Team account, any current member can invite you. You should ask in #company-admin if you want to be added.

Zapier can read the [slack:#channel] tags in HM General calendar descriptions so if you have a calendar event in the HM General Calendar, you can add one to the event description e.g. [slack:#general] and it will auto-send a reminder to the Slack channel just before the event starts.

It also means you can change which Slack channel gets the notification without having to touch Zapier. Update the calendar description, and done! Do be mindful of the fact the name in the tag has to be the exact same spelling as the Slack channel name you want.

If you don’t want a reminder to appear in a Slack channel, remove the tag and it will not show up at the next event.

Remember that for recurring events, you need to update “all future events” rather than “this event only”.