If you experience the death of someone close to you, Human Made will support you through this time. Expect to receive your normal pay throughout your bereavement period. This does not affect your holiday entitlement.

When you are able to, please let us know about the bereavement. During this initial period, we will ensure that you can take off the time that you need. Time off during this period should be booked in CharlieHR under ‘compassionate leave’.

Everyone experiences bereavement differently; once you are ready after the funeral, we will contact you to discuss your needs. Some ways that we may be able to support you are:

  • giving you all the time off you need to recover emotionally
  • if you wish to return to work, we can adjust your workload so that you can do reduced or part-time hours
  • if you wish to return to work but are unable to because you have become a sole carer, we will help you with short-term childcare or carer costs
  • after your return to work you may decide later that you aren’t ready for work, in which case you can take additional time off