Your Application: Outcome and Feedback

We encourage everyone applying for a role at Human Made to have a thorough read of the Hiring Process and what you should expect here. However, in order to secure a qualified and reliable roster of candidates, we will need to reject a large number of applicants in the early stages, and pursue the process with the most qualified ones. If you are wondering whether you will stand out in the pool or what your chances are in comparison to the other applicants, we have put together a quick self assessment checklist for you to estimate how well you stand in the process, as follows:

  1. Have I been in the same or similar role in the last couple of years?
  2. Have I made sure to express a unique interest in working at Human Made and to be part of the team in my application? If so, have I done my due diligence and researched the company, its leaders, and the teams?
  3. Do I speak English fluently and can I communicate efficiently in written and spoken form?
  4. Have I worked in a relevant business space or industry within technology, where the experience gained can add value to this new role?
  5. Do I have the minimum required experience as listed in the job description? If not, have I been trained or developed the skills required for this role and am I driven to grow in this field?
  6. Have I worked remotely before and do I want to keep doing it? Does it suit my life style?
  7. Do I meet at least 50% of the requirements listed in the job description? If not, have I expressed a high interest in working for Human Made and growing into this role?
  8. Am I familiar with at least 50% of the responsibilities, tools and tasks this role demands? If not, have I proactively sought mentorship or help from someone who is proficient in them?
  9. Am I capable of identifying my experience and skill gaps in comparison with the role expectations?

Once you’ve submitted your application, we recommend you go over the questions listed above and provide yourself with realistic answers that help you anticipate your likelihood to move forward in the process. We ask ourselves the same questions upon assessing every candidate’s qualifications and cultural fit, so you should be able to do the same and understand why you might have been rejected or invited to continue with the next steps. With that said, be aware that we can’t provide specific feedback to everyone, but that is why we are making this public so you can better understand the outcome of your application.