These are the tools that we use regularly across Human Made and that you need to have for your day-to-day work. Individual teams may have other tools that they use and which you’ll need to get familiar with.

For a broader discussion of tools used by humans, you can read this post on 🔒 Updates.

Shared Files

Project Management

Document Collaboration

  • Google Docs Please default to using Google Docs and Drive, NOT DROPBOX.
  • Dropbox Paper Occasionally used for a few teams. Do not default to Dropbox.






  • Sketch – If you need, or already have, a Sketch license please ping Daisy in #company-admin to let her know so she can add it to the HM Sketch team because it’s more cost effective than paying for an individual one.
  • Adobe – log in details in 1Password, 2FA codes get sent to the hello@ inbox which all employees have access to, ping Daisy in #company-admin if you have any problems.


* To integrate shared team Dropbox folders to your personal account and appear via mobile and/or desktop apps:

  1. Log onto to the team account via your preferred web browser with your Human Made email account.
  2. Go to folder you want to access and share with the email address associated with your personal account.
  3. Accept the shared folder locally, you’re done!