Sight Tests & Glasses

As a heavy user of digital screen equipment, you should have your eyes tested regularly. Human Made will cover the costs of your sight tests at whatever frequency is determined by your optometrist. Normally, this will be every two years but they may recommend them at a shorter frequency, particularly in cases where you have problems with your eyes.

In addition to covering the costs of your sight tests, Human Made will make a contribution of up to ¬£250 towards the cost of one pair of glasses every two years. You should submit your expenses to the finance team as required. Please use the ‘computer equipment’ category in Expensify.

Even if you do not need glasses for everyday use, you can use this budget for buying glasses just for use with your computer.

If you have health insurance paid for by Human Made, you should check your policy before making an expense claim. If your health insurance includes sight tests and glasses, you won’t be eligible for making an additional expenses claim to Human Made.