Saving Passwords Outside of the Human Made Vault

DEPRECATED: this page no longer works with 1PW8. See this issue for details.

It is best not to store your personal passwords in the Human Made vault. This is for two reasons:

  1. In case you leave the company and we delete your vault with all your passwords.
  2. In case 1PW changes its access rules and gives the company access to all your passwords in your personal vault.

If you are okay with those things then you can store them in the HM vault but you will need to export them if you leave the company.


  1. In your advanced settings in 1PW click Allow creation of vaults outside 1PW accounts
  2. Copy and paste all of your passwords into that new vault. These will all be stored on your computer
  3. To sync your passwords across your devices you need to use dropbox, iCloud, or some other tool. You can see this up in Preferences > Sync
  4. Once you have done that you need to do it on your phone as well. To find the correct settings on an iPhone, go to Settings > Vaults > Allow Standalone vaults and connect with dropbox from there.

Note: on Firefox the latest version of the 1Password extension does not allow for standalone vaults. You need to use the classic version.

Note: if you are using Chrome, do not use the 1Password X extension. IF you do, it won’t sync. You need to go here and then scroll down to “Or, Download the companion app extension” and use that one.

You can also watch this video.