“How I work” documents

In your Slack Profile you should notice a field called “How I like to work”. We use this to link to a document where we write up how we like to work. Check out a few profiles and read how they like to work.

Tom’s Slack profile

Chris put together a template to write your own: https://gist.github.com/jazzsequence/e49e38ba4430545966f7c1e90ad020bf

Simply fork that to your own GitHub and then edit.

Some cool uses for “How I like to work”

  1. Starting a new project? Read the “How I like to work” docs for the rest of your team.
  2. Giving someone 360 feedback? Read their “how I like to work” doc and see if it matches up to your experience of how you’ve seen them work.
  3. Unsure when someone will be around to respond to your message? Check the doc.
  4. Not sure how to interpret something someone has written to you? Perhaps they say something about their communication preferences in their doc that could help?

Here’s a 🔒 direct link to Tom’s.