Team Hangouts

We have several group video calls scheduled every week, we call these Hangouts. We generally use Zoom.

You can see a schedule of team meetings on our shared 🔒 Human Made Google Calendar. If you don’t have access to this, just ask another human to add you.

In line with our general communication guidelines, notes should be posted to the relevant P2. Additionally, you can record the hangout and post to our YouTube account.

Whole Company Hangout

Every two weeks, we have a Company Hangout, a chance for the entire to get together. To ensure full timezone coverage, we run three of these on a rolling basis:

  • Company Hangout 1: Every other Thursday at 11:30 UTC
  • Company Hangout 2: Every other Thursday at 15:30 UTC
  • Company Hangout 3: Every other Friday at 19:00 UTC


Company hangouts were reformatted in early 2018; the host now rotates around the company and the calls now take this form:

  1. A demo – could be a tool, project, new site etc. (15 mins)
  2. A life hack – got something cool to share that will improve all of our lives? (5 mins)
  3. A company-related topic for discussion – if anything important is discussed or any decisions proposed they will be posted on Updates. (15 mins)
  4. Catch up on any personal news that anyone has to share. (15 mins)
  5. Decide who will host the next hangout in two weeks’ time.

Responsibilities of the host include:

  1. A few days before the hangout, post on Updates asking for agenda items, example here.
  2. Post an agenda on Updates a few hours before the hangout, example here.
  3. Share a Zoom link in #general a minute or two before hangout is due to start.
  4. Record the call (or if you’re unable, ask someone else to do so).
  5. At the start of the hangout, ask for a volunteer to take notes and make sure that person posts them to Updates afterwards (and the person who recorded the call should comment with a link to the recording), example here.
  6. Lead the call working through the agenda, keeping to the schedule to avoid running over one hour.

Other Regular Hangouts

In addition to the main Company Hangouts, smaller groups also have regularly organised calls. Here are the main ones:

Agency Hangout

We have two for full timezone coverage:

Attend these if you’re involved in agency work and have an update to share on existing or upcoming client projects. We run through each of our current projects and do a short update and chat about any new business.

The format for the agency hangout is as follows – about three hours before the first one a Google document gets shared on the #client-services Slack channel into which every project/client up for discussion on the forthcoming call gets a brief summary entered. For the first 10 to 15 minutes of the call attendees to the call read through the summaries and make any text edits, additions or comments they feel necessary. Anyone can make a comment or note on a project or client. Most client projects will just get a single entry but for larger, multi-project clients (for example, currently Standard Chartered) there will be entries for each project, and probably an entry for general ‘client account management’ issues. Once all meeting attendees have read through the doc, they add their name to the top of the doc, and then we commence the online read through and recap. The priority in this is to dive into any questions raised in the text read through, and ensure that all projects have space to clearly articulate any wider support they need.

Servers Hangouts

Happens most weeks, check the #servers channel on Slack.

Resourcing Call

These alternate times on a weekly basis between:

  • PM Hangout 1: Every other Thursday at 08:00 UTC
  • PM Hangout 2: Every other Thursday at 15:00 UTC

Attend these to discuss resourcing for current and future projects.