How to Submit Expenses

Whether you’re an employee or a contractor you can use Expensify to submit your reimbursable expenses. The way you submit the expenses will depend on your country of employment and whether or not you are a contractor (these differences are outlined further down).

Expenses are normally paid monthly with payroll unless you request them earlier.
To expense an item, you must have an itemised till receipt or invoice (credit card slips are unusable).


You can use the mobile or web application to submit your expenses.

The following video demonstrates submitting an expense with Expensify via the mobile app:

Entering Expenses

  • One report per month for personal expenses is preferable
  • Client billable expenses should be entered as a separate report
  • Reimbursable should always be selected when you are claiming expenses back
  • If the claim is to be billed to a client billable should be selected and the client name entered under the customer field
  • Customer field should only be entered for billable expenses, not treating the client to dinner/drinks etc
  • Number of attendees should only be entered for meals or drinks

Activity trackers

These help us to track how much we are spending on different activities in the company. Please do complete them so that we can compile accurate reports.

  • Professional Development expenses (and all associated costs) should be set to the Professional Development activity (training/online courses/conferences specific to training)
  • If your expense is in relation to a WordCamp or Community event the activity should be set to Community
  • We have activity trackers set up for larger events (such as WCEU or the HM Retreat)
  • If the expense does not fit into any of the above the activity should be set as your HM group (i.e Agency/Hosting/Operations/Products)


This lets us see how much we are spending in different categories. Again, it is important that you complete them correctly.

  • Subsistence costs (including coffees) go to meals – subsistence (international or national) indicating how many attendees using the attendee dropdown
  • Any client/WordPress community entertainment should go to entertainment 100% again with activity + number of attendees indicated. This includes taking clients or community members for meals.
  • Any costs related to a HM meetup should go to HM internal events 
  • Any costs related to a HM hosted event (i.e ADoR) should go to HM external events
  • Public transport receipts should go to travel-international or travel-national, taxis to travel – taxis & flight bookings to air travel.


  • You must get a VAT or valid itemised receipt/invoice to expense a purchase. Ask for a till receipt. A credit card receipt will not do.
  • Train tickets must include price and journey details (to & from)
  • When submitting a VAT inclusive expense with a tip or a service charge, the charge should be submitted as an extra line item and allocated to VAT not reclaimable
  • If there is no VAT number on a receipt you need to set it as Not Registered for VAT
  • Postage, national travel & bank fees should be set as Exempt Expenses
  • Air Travel should be allocated to Zero Rated Expenses


  • You must get a GST tax invoice or valid itemised receipt to expense a purchase. Ask for a till receipt. A credit card receipt will not do.
  • If there is no GST it should be listed under GST Free Expenses
  • Train tickets must include price and journey details (to & from)


  • You must get a valid itemised receipt/invoice to expense a purchase. Ask for a till receipt. A credit card receipt will not do.
  • For subsistence or entertainment expenses an itemised receipt as well as the credit card slip is needed if a tip has been added.
  • Train tickets must include price and journey details (to & from)
  • Tax rate should be set to Tax On Purchases 0%


  • Enter each expense into Expensify and attach a valid itemised receipt. Ask for a till receipt. A credit card receipt will not do.
  • Include a line on your monthly invoice with a total figure for your expenses
    – ‘Expenses as entered in Expensify’
  • Submit your invoice during the last week of the month

general top tips

  • Receipts must be itemised (no credit card slips)
  • Coffees etc when you’re working in a cafe don’t go under co-working, that’s mainly for rent for co-working spaces, please put cafe drinks under meals (inter/national).
  • Anything that goes into the meals category needs a number of attendees, even if it’s just one coffee.
  • Flights are air travel not travel (inter/national)
  • Activity is often entered wrong, please see above for a list of which expenses should go to each activity tracker
  • Only enter something in the customer field if you want one of Human Made’s clients to be invoiced!
  • If a Human Made client does need to be invoiced (e.g. if they are paying for a train ticket), make sure you tick billable and enter the client in the customer field
  • UK employees – there’s no VAT on UK train or bus tickets, the tax rate should be set to exempt.
  • Reimbursable should not be ticked if entering receipts for your HM credit card (if you have one)
  • If you’re using your own car for travel, instead of adding info to the Expense tab, click the next one along called Distance then enter mileage information (don’t just claim the cost of filling up). This cost should be taken into account when weighing up travel options (i.e. flights/trains vs. driving)
  • If you use SmartScan please check the details before submitting, they’re often inaccurate, especially the receipt dates.