Your first day

Welcome, human!

We’re thrilled to have you on board as a brand new member of the Human Made team. Over the coming days and weeks you’ll come to learn more about who we are and how we work. The handbook is your go-to place for all things Human Made, but you can also ask questions of your trial buddy or any other human at the company.

If you think something is missing from the handbook, please let us have your ideas in #company-handbook in Slack. This is a living document that evolves as we evolve as a company. It does not form part of your contract of employment.

Your first week will be all about getting you settled in at Human Made. If you’ve already been on a trial you’ll already be familiar with some of our processes and some of the team. But now it’s time to get you properly embedded.

1. Check in with your manager

When you join the company you’ll be assigned a manager. This is usually someone in the same functional role as you (Sales, Accounts, Engineer, PM, etc). Your manager should ping you on Slack to arrange a call but, if they don’t, don’t be afraid to get in touch with them. You will have an onboarding call with People Ops, but your manager will help orient you with team-specific tools and can help you with work-related questions.

2. Get your email address

We will set you up with an email address. You will also have a alias (and probably, so you can send and receive from that address too. Once you have your email address you should:

  • Turn on Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for your email.
  • Set up your email signature: ping #marketing-branding on Slack, they’ll send you an email you can copy-paste the signature from and then edit it.
  • Ensure you have a Gravatar set up for your email address and aliases.
  • Update your Slack profile with your new email address. If you haven’t already, you should also turn on Two-factor Authentication for Slack.

3. Security

For the protection of our employees and our clients, it’s crucial that you take security seriously. Here’s where to get started with security at Human Made:

  • Read through our handbook page on security and make sure that you follow all of the advice. If you’re confused about anything ask your buddy for help or refer to the Help! page.

4. Access all the things

We have lots of tools and accounts which we use for both internal and external projects. You’ll need to get access to all of these. Your trial buddy can add the human onboarding checklist to your post on the 🔒 onboarding H2 and give you access to all of the tools you need. If you need any further assistance, you can ask #company-admin.

The handbook contains a complete list of tools that we use regularly at Human Made. Your trial buddy should be able to give you access to any that you need.

5. Fill in your Humaans Profile

We use Humaans to store your employment data and documentation. You will receive an email inviting you to fill out your profile, if you have any problems filling out the information required, or have not received an invite, ask Sumaiya or Siobhan in #company-people.

Once your profile is complete you can begin using it to add holiday requests. Please see our Holiday Policy to read more.

6. Read the manual

Take some time to read the rest of the staff handbook and make sure you understand it. If there is anything you are not sure about please ask your buddy, team admin, or someone else on the team. It’s important that you read the entire handbook and you should do so by the end of your first week.

When you have read and understood the handbook, please visit this page and click the Confirm button. By clicking the button, you are telling us that you have read and understood the handbook, and are familiar with the HR policies. We will notify you if we make any changes to our policies.

7. Tell us all about yourself

Our employee database is called 🔒 Facts. It’s where we store lots of useful facts about all of our humans. It’s a useful tool for getting to know one another in a remote company. Once you’re all set up on all of our accounts, you should spend some time filling in your Facts profile. Don’t worry about filling in the entire thing at once. And while you’re there explore the database to learn more about our humans.