Agency Valued Behaviours

Below are the behaviours that we value most highly within the agency. They are how we expect to interact with one another, and they support us to be successful as teams, as a company, and as individuals. (Note that for those working in the agency division, these valued behaviours supersede the company behaviour framework.

Act with humanity

  • We welcome every contribution to Human Made
  • We always remember the person on the other side of the screen
  • We embrace the many cultures and perspectives that make up our company
  • We are role models to each other, our clients and within our communities

Alignment on and commitment to our shared goals

  • We all understand what success looks like and commit to achieving our shared goal 
  • We effectively prioritise to focus on our goals and adapt in response to team, business, or client needs
  • We are open to disagreements, but commit as one when it is time to take action
  • We check in regularly on progress and support each other to find solutions

High quality interactions characterised by trust and open communication

  • We start with trust and are honest and clear in our interactions with one another
  • We respect that another human’s perspective might not be the same as our own and try to understand where they are coming from
  • We set clear expectations for ourselves and for others
  • We are transparent and communicate in the open, defaulting to public spaces

Willingness to embrace conflict

  • We address issues early and often to create a healthy work environment
  • We empower and support each other to speak up
  • We approach conflict with empathy and without aggression
  • We take into account cultural differences when we approach a challenging situation

Hold ourselves and others accountable

  • We deliver on our commitments, and always communicate to the team when we can’t meet a goal
  • We are transparent about what we are doing and actively communicate progress
  • We give and receive feedback in a spirit of learning
  • We stay aware and accountable for the project, people, and commercial implications of our decisions and actions

Take responsibility for the whole team’s success not just our individual contribution

  • We prioritise the team’s goals over our individual goals
  • We keep in mind how our individual decisions affect the team
  • We prioritise learning and mentorship over hero behaviour
  • We focus our combined strengths on the success of the team, celebrating all wins as team wins and embracing failures as a team 

Focus on learning and improvement

  • We test, iterate, and adapt to achieve goals and outcomes
  • We take informed risks, are open about failure and learn from our mistakes
  • We question and measure our own performance
  • We learn together and as individuals, and apply that learning in our work