Salary Review & 360 Feedback

We run our Salary and 360 Review processes from Bob, our HR platform. Salary and performance reviews run once a quarter. This means that you will have two reviews a year:

  1. A Salary Review which happens on the anniversary of your last raise (normally related to your start date but it may also be aligned with a role change)
  2. A 360 Review which is six months from your salary review.

Salary Review

You have an annual salary review which is an opportunity to discuss performance and review your current compensation. This is carried out in Bob and both you and your manager are expected to complete the review. Normally, everyone can expect an inflation raise and we also recognise performance with salary increases. 

We run salary reviews in the last month of the quarter for raises in the following quarter. You will receive any increase in the month that your raise is due, not in the month the review happens. The schedule is as follows:

  • March – raises in April, May, Jun
  • June – raises in July, August, September
  • September – raises in October, November, December
  • December – raises in January, February, March

Note: if you get a promotion or an out of cycle raise then the date for your next raise (including inflation) changes to the anniversary if that raise. For example:

  • you are promoted to a new role on 1st June
  • your previous inflation/performance date was 1st January
  • the date of your next salary review & inflation raise changes to 1st June

When salary reviews are overdue

If you are overdue on your salary review, we will move you to the next quarter’s cycle. If this happens:

  • you will continue to receive you inflation raise on your anniversary
  • you will not receive your performance raise until the review has been complete in the next quarter
  • except in exceptional circumstances, such as illness, we will not backdate any performance increases to the date when the raises should have been. You will receive it at the start of the quarter in which it was complete.

360 Review

Six months from your salary review you will have a 360 review. It should be completed by the following people:

  • You
  • Your manager
  • Your reports
  • Any peers that you select to provide feedback

360 feedback is a valuable tool for getting feedback on your performance and behaviour. 

Once you are invited to Bob to complete your review, you should log in and select peers to give you feedback.

Log in to Bob and select Fill in and submit performance reviews from your admin screen

2. Click Invite under Peers to select people to give you feedback

If you have been invited to give feedback you should read this guide on giving feedback.