Expenses Backlog

This policy is affected by the current Q2 pause on non-essential expenses, please see this post from July 2022 for further details.

This backlog is for expense approvals; the purpose of the board is to streamline how new purchases are requested, to improve transparency of what is being expensed company-wide, and to help us forecast more accurately (for larger expenses, we may assign to an upcoming month or quarter, dependant on company financials).

When adding a proposed expense for you or your team, it should be first discussed with the team as a whole, or with your manager before adding.

Use the board for:

  • purchase requests above the £100 as laid out in the Expenses policy
  • purchase requests for teams
  • subscription purchases
  • office/computer equipment (new purchases & upgrades, this includes mobile phones)
  • in-policy travel/Professional Development/Community requests over £100
  • all out-of-policy travel/Professional Development/Community requests
  • team meetup budget proposals

Please open a GitHub issue in the expenses repo using the appropriate issue template; issues opened there post directly into #company-admin in Slack so that Zoe and Daisy see them as soon as possible.

Alternatively, open an issue in your team repo and add the issue to the expenses backlog project.

  • In the title include
    • the product/service
    • the total cost
  • In the issue itself include
    • an explanation of what and why it’s needed
    • how urgent it is and what the cost breakdown is
    • if it’s been discussed and approved by your manager
    • add your team tag (and region tag if it’s a department/team level expense)

We’ll monitor the board regularly and let you know if more information is needed. If it’s really urgent (i.e. you need a response within 7 days), please add the ‘urgent’ milestone to the issue.

Daisy and Zoe, along with Finance, will be monitoring the board, and approved expenses will be marked as such. Feel free to ping in #company-admin if anything is unclear.

If the expense is approved, you can go ahead and purchase and expense (for equipment over £500 or equivalent, we will purchase for you). You can also request credit card details if you do not want to purchase personally.