We have several Trello teams as Trello now has a limited of 10 open boards per team (unless you pay for Business Class, which we don’t currently)

The main Human Made team is reserved for Templates or company-wide boards. Try not to create new boards on this team. If you do someone might ping you asking you to move it somewhere else.

If you need to create a new Trello then either create a new Trello Team just for your group (For example you might create a Trello Team just for the marketing team, or just for a particular client project). Alternatively, you can just create a private board and invite people directly to it.

  1. If you need the rest of your team/group to be able to see all boards without adding them specifically to each board then create a team.
  2. If you just need people to have access to the board then just invite them directly to it.

If you create a Trello team then please add it to the list below along with your name so people know who to contact to get added.

Trello Teams