Health & Healthcare

Healthcare provision differs country to country. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here or have needs beyond those stated, please contact Zoe.



Human Made will pay your health insurance. This is 100% of employee and dependents medical up to:

EE Only:               $476.00 per month

EE + Spouse:       $1099.00 per month

EE + Dep:             $970.00 per month

Family:                 $1441.00 per month

For dental, we will cover  100% of employee up to $24.67 per month for all levels of coverage.

For vision, we will cover 100% of employee up to $10.21 per month for all levels of coverage.

Your coverage from the start date of your employment.

You will be given a choice of plans to select from via TriNet during your onboarding period. If you are a part time employee, contact Tom to discuss your needs.

Our plan year runs October 1st to September 30th. Open enrolment each year is August 1st to August 22nd; during this period you can review, switch or make any necessary changes to your plan.

If you have a life event (marriage, birth of a baby etc) outside of this period and need to make changes to your plan you can submit a Life Status Change through the TriNet employee centre. 

*figures correct as at October 1st, 2017.

UK & Australia

Employees in the UK and Australia are covered by the national health service.

Contractors in Other Countries

We will cover the cost of health insurance of an equivalent plan to our US policies.