We use 1Password to securely share sensitive information. This includes passwords, company bank account details etc.

Setting up 1Password

If you use a personal 1Password account — or you’re planning on doing so — you should first set up your personal 1Password account before adding the Human Made team account. At this time, it’s not possible to add a personal account to 1Password after setting up a team account.

🔒 Register with our 1Password team.

When you request to join, one of our existing 1Password admin users will need to confirm your user. Feel free to message in #company-admin in Slack if you need access quickly.

You can then access our 🔒 shared 1Password vault.

You can also add the team account to your desktop and mobile apps.

Once you’re set up you should move any Human Made related passwords or data from your Personal vault to the shared Company vault. Be careful not to move your own data into the shared vault as then everyone at HM will see it.

Using 1Password

1Password doesn’t just store your passwords and sensitive information (such as credit cards) securely, it also allows you to easily paste usernames, passwords and even one-time passwords (OTPs) easily into a site’s or an app’s login fields.

You can do this on the Mac by hitting Command + \ and on Windows Control + \.

This works via direct integration (for Apps) and browser extensions.

If you’re on Mac or iPhone – you can enable TouchID to unlock 1Password. The same can be done on Windows via HelloSign.

Project-specific vaults

A shared project vault in 1Password is a great place to store any shared credentials for a project, as well as private notes that don’t belong in code. All members of the Human Made 1Password account have the ability to add new vaults – click the “+ New Vault” button in the header bar, and share the vault with anyone who may need access to it. Please untick Administrators, leaving just Owners with manage access.

Can’t log in

If you’ve forgotten your password or otherwise can’t log in you should ping in #company-admin on Slack and someone will help with recovery.