We use 1Password to securely share sensitive information with everyone on the team. This includes passwords, company bank account details, etc.

Setting up 1Password

If you use a personal 1Password account — or you’re planning on doing so — you should first set up your personal 1Password account before adding the Human Made team account. At this time, it’s not possible to add a personal account to 1Password after setting up a team account.

🔒 Register with our 1Password team.

When you request to join, one of our existing 1Password admin users will need to confirm your user. Feel free to ping @tomwillmot on Slack if you need access quickly.

You can then access our 🔒 shared 1Password vault.

You can also add the team account to your desktop and mobile apps.

Once you’re set up you should move any Human Made related passwords or data from your personal Vault to the shared Vault. It’s important you’re careful not to move your own data into the shared Vault as then everyone at HM will see it.

Can’t log in

If you’ve forgotten your password or otherwise can’t log in you should let Tom know and he can arrange recovery.