Behaviour framework

We developed the below framework as part of the leadership development programme. It is a set of behaviours that we ask everyone in the company to ascribe to in their career at Human Made.

Put people first
At Human Made everything we do is driven by people. Our culture is inclusive, kind, respectful, supportive and encourages autonomy.

  • We welcome everyone’s contribution to Human Made
  • We treat everyone fairly
  • We give people autonomy and support
  • We role-model the behaviours we expect from others
  • We treat each other with kindness and respect

Collaborate with trust
We work in the open wherever possible and welcome discussion. We trust each other, and work hard to maintain trust.

  • We are transparent about what we are doing and why
  • We communicate clearly and in the open
  • We push ourselves and each other to grow
  • We give others what they need to succeed
  • We are open and constructive in our feedback

Question, learn, and improve
We learn continuously and grow together. We have the courage to try new things and aim to be better as individuals and as a business.

  • We experiment to find ways to be better
  • We learn from others’ viewpoints and experiences
  • We delegate to help other humans learn and progress
  • We question and measure our own performance
  • We take responsibility for our own learning and apply it in our work

Take accountability
Our culture of freedom relies on accountability. We are clear on what needs to be done and deliver on our promises.

  • We set clear expectations for ourselves and others
  • We take personal accountability for our actions
  • We focus on delivering good outcomes for our clients and Human Made
  • We make sure decisions get made by the right person at the right time
  • We consider the impact of our decisions on other humans and on Human Made

Focus on performance
We strive to have a meaningful impact for Human Made. We celebrate our successes and are not afraid to challenge each other.

  • We focus on achieving both short-term results and long-term objectives
  • We take responsibility for ensuring problems are fixed
  • We place equal emphasis on culture and performance
  • We ensure everyone knows how they contribute to Human Made’s success
  • We have tough conversations where necessary