Payroll giving

Payroll giving enables you to donate tax free from your payroll. This increases the value of your donation and means that you don’t need to do an annual tax return to claim tax back on any charitable donations that you make. Human Made covers the administration costs of this service and regularly matches contributions to specific causes or initiatives. We are currently matching donations up to £10,000 for selected charities that are addressing the humanitarian crises in Ukraine. 

The process for each of our legal entities is different so you should follow the process based on the company that employs you. We also have a process for contractors that enables you to make donations that are deducted from your invoice.


We are currently matching donations up to £10,000 to organisations that support civilians in the wake of the Gaza crisis. You can read more in this announcements post.


The platform we use for LTD(UK) payroll is Payroll and the agency which collects and pays the donation is the Charities Trust.

From March 2022 payroll you will be able to donate from this portal. The portal is user friendly and easy to use.

Here are few steps on how to donate, also instruction doc from payroll giving with visual steps:

  • On home page ‘On how much will my donation cost out’, you can adjust the bar and will be able to choose the donation amount and depending on your tax bracket it will tell you how much will be deducted from you payroll and how much will be donated
  • After deciding the amount you can click donate now button
  • Page 1, Donation type page you can select, as this is the first time we are introducing it, the option will be ‘this is a first time donation’, this page is where you can cancel your donation, or alter it for future month
  • Frequency will always be monthly as Human Made Ltd payroll is run monthly
  • Page 2, enter employer post code (DE4 3LU), NI number(optional) and your name (at the moment it’s asking for employee number which will be changed to employee name)
  • Page 3, choose charity you wish to donate, if the name is not in the dropdown list you can add it with ‘Add another’ button
  • Choose how much to pay and continue
  • Page 4, GDPR declaration
  • Page 5, personal detail these are only collected so they can reach out to you incase the charity name or number you added in unclear
  • Page 6, Gives you the summary of your donation which you can also print pdf and save and click submit, voila, it’s done

Key points

  • Only UK charities are available in this platform
  • Please submit your donation before the cutoff date which is Friday before payday (second last Friday of the month)
  • Once the donation is collected and paid to Charities trust no refund can be given, so make sure you cancel it before the cutoff date 
  • £0.25 admin fees will be covered by Human Made

Contractor process for donation

As all our contractors are geographically spread across the world it’s not possible to find one platform that will fit in the regulation needs of all countries. However we still want to support our contractors to donate tax free and this process will facilitate that. We are currently processing contractor donations for the following charities:

We will regularly review and update this list.

To donate pre-tax via Human Made to one of these appeals, you should do the following:

  • Add a line item as a minus to your invoice with the donation amount, e.g. “Project Hope Donation -$50”
  • Deduct the donation from your invoice total
  • We will make quarterly payments to the charities
  • To give you visibility, all the donation collected will be listed out in this sheet after month end 

United States

Process to follow here


Workplace giving is a simple way to regularly donate pre-tax to charities or organisations that are entitled to receive tax deductible donations. Workplace giving doesn’t affect an employee’s superannuation and payroll tax calculations like salary sacrificing. Workplace giving reduces the donor’s PAYG liability but it doesn’t decrease their gross income. This eliminates the need for employees to keep records of charitable donations and guarantees they receive the tax benefits of donating each pay.

There is no minimum or maximum contribution required to participate. At the end of financial year, total workplace giving donations are recorded on each employee’s PAYG summary

We are supporting and matching donation for these charities 

If you wish to participate fill the google form before the cutoff date(second last Friday of the Month)