Probation Period FAQs for New Joiners

What is a Probation Period?

A probation period is the first 90 days of your employment with the company and is used to assess your initial performance and company fit during your early stages of employment. Additionally, it is also for you to determine if you are happy with the company and role.

How long does it last?

At Human Made, all new joiners have a 3 month Probation Period. However, if needed, this period can be extended by up to 3 more months. Probation extensions are initiated at a manager’s request to support their assessment of a new joiner’s fit and capabilities in the role. 

How will I know if I’m doing well during probation?

Besides the regular 1:1s on a weekly basis with your manager, you will also have a number of 1:1 Probationary Meetings booked in your calendar to discuss progress and feedback from both sides.

  • Week 1 – First probationary meeting
  • Week 4 – Probation Check-in
  • Week 6 – Gather feedback
  • Week 7/8 – Discuss feedback
  • Week 11 – Probation review.

Managers should ensure that you get the support, tools and assistance you need to get onboarded successfully. If you have questions or concerns about your progress, please make sure you let your manager or People Ops know. 

Can my employment be terminated during this time?

Yes. If during this time you or your Manager have reasons to believe the working relationship will not be successful, it can result in early termination of the employment. This can be initiated by the company or you can leave by providing less notice during your probationary period. If the company decides not to continue with your employment we’ll clearly outline the reasons for this.

How will I know If I successfully completed probation?

Your manager will reach a decision during week 12 and you will be informed whether the Probation is successfully completed, extended or failed. 

  • If passed: Your manager will let you know.
  • If extended: Your manager will schedule a meeting to inform you on the reasons.
  • If failed: Your manager will schedule a meeting to inform you on the reasons which will be followed up with an official letter.