Continuous Improvement

At Human Made, we have adopted a continuous improvement methodology in order to help you to focus on where you can improve and grow, and so that the company can assist where it can in this process.

Every three months there will be an opportunity for you to do some sort of self-reflection and review, whether that’s with your manager, or in relation to your peers.

This comprises 3 main components:

The annual cycle looks something like this:

continuous improvement cycle

The purpose of continuous improvement is so that you always have in mind what your goals are and so that you can incrementally make steps towards them. Whenever we set out to achieve something it is always a process, one comprising a number of different steps. The aim of continuous improvement at Human Made is to assist you in the steps to achieving your goals, providing support where we can along the way.

In this section of the handbook, you can learn about the different elements of continuous improvement at Human Made.