We use Miro across the company for activity such as roadmapping, retrospectives, estimation, and brainstorming. You will be added to Miro when you join Human Made. If you cannot access Miro you should ask in #company-admin

Collaboration with Clients and Partners

We often add clients and partners to our Miro account so that we can collaborate with them. If you are adding a client or partner to Miro you should add them as a guest.

Miro defines a guest as:

Guests are occasional Miro users but are also not part of a team or organization. Guests are perfect for infrequent collaboration on a private board(s). You can give access to a registered user and revoke their access at any moment. This option is only available on paid plans. 

To do this, you should create your board and then:

  1. click the blue sharing button on the right hand side of the board.
  2. Enter the person’s email address and click send invitation

3. Select Add them to this board only

This will add them as a Guest to the board and they won’t have access to the full team. You can read more about Miro access levels here.