H2 is a micro-blogging theme that we use to communicate with one another. We have a network of H2s dedicated to different aspects of working at Human Made. H2s are cheap—if you want to set up a H2 for anything, just set one up. If you need help with that, ping someone on the systems team. 

You can use H2 for:

  • posting updates
  • telling the company about news
  • asking for input or advice
  • important discussions – because they are asynchronous, using H2 ensures that everyone can be part of the discussion. It also gives people an opportunity to formulate a thorough response
  • decisions made elsewhere, including the reasons for those decisions
  • anything else you want to discuss!

Writing on H2

Posts in H2 are written in HTML or Markdown. This means that if you want to adjust your formatting you need to enclose it in HTML tags or use Markdown.

There is a full guide to markdown here.

You can also copy and paste from Google Docs.

Adding images

Images can be added to the original post using the insert media button but if you want to add images to a comment you need to use HTML.

To add an image to a comment use the following:

<img src="http://yourimageurl.jpg" />

Replace “http://yourimageurl.jpg” with the URL to your image.

Tip: you can hotlink an image from dropbox. Copy the Dropbox image URL and replace dl=o with raw=1

For example,





Our central home for all of our H2s is hub.hmn.md, where you can see at a glance what’s happening with the company, and search the network.


The announcements H2 contains company announcements. There is an expectation that everyone read everything posted on here so you should only post items that must be read by everyone.


Post anything to updates that you want the whole company to be made aware of, like:

  • Project milestones
  • Site launches
  • Requests for input or information
  • Interesting links
  • Meetings / Important chat logs
  • Updates

Other H2s

  • Dev – developer discussions
  • Commercial  – discussions by the commercial team
  • Human updates – updates from humans about what is going on in their life
  • HR – discussion and posts by People Ops
  • Retreat – updates about the company retreat
  • Community – what’s happening in the WordPress and other OS communities
  • Ideas – a space for wild ideas!

There are also many client and project H2s which are used for specific projects. 


When someone leaves the company, remove them from the network by following these steps:

  • Switch on your Proxy
  • Go to https://hmn.md/wp-admin/network/
  • Click Users on the left hand side
  • Search using either their username or email address
  • Hover over their row in the search results
  • Click the blue Disable button towards the left, by their name

This stops email notifications being sent and prevents them from being able to log into any sites but any posts or comments they have authored will be retained.