Time off after travel

It’s important that any travel you do as part of your job constitutes part of your normal working hours and isn’t done in addition to any other work or tasks.

Sometimes you may travel for work outside of your normal working hours. For example:

  • you may travel on a weekend to a work event
  • you may be representing the company at an event (e.g. as a community representative or at a business event)

When you return from your travel, you should take off the equivalent time (this does not count against your holiday allowance). So:

  • If you attend a work-related event that takes up a day or two at the weekend when you wouldn’t normally be working then you should take this off during the following week (or as close to as possible). This excludes community events
  • The same is true if you work over the weekend.
  • Note that our company retreat runs over a weekend. However we do not provide two days lieu time for the retreat. Everyone receives one day in lieu and then additional lieu days depend on travel time.

Note that this applies to full days. If you work an extra few hours at the evening or weekend you should be able to just flex your time

If you are flexing your hours or taking time off in lieu you should make sure your manager/PM/team know.