Time off after travel

It’s important that any travel you do as part of your job constitutes part of your normal working hours and isn’t done in addition to any other work or tasks.

Sometimes you may travel for work outside of your normal working hours. For example, you may spend the weekend at a WordCamp or other conference, or you may have to spend time in addition to your normal working hours on travel.

When you return from your travel, you should take off the equivalent time (this does not count against your holiday allowance). So:

  • If you attend an event that takes up your weekend you should take two days off either the week before or the week after the event.
  • If you travel in the evening you could start late or finish early the next day.
  • You should plan to take time off after meetups or other extended trips. If you are working on client projects make sure that your project manager is aware of your availability.