HM General Zoom Accounts

There is a shared Zoom Pro account in the Company 1Password vault. The account was created to be used for recurring HM General calendar events.

Update February 2021 – There is now a second shared Zoom account, details also saved in 1Password. The original one uses the red HM logo, this second one uses the grey HM logo.


  • The recurring meeting link is not tied to an individual Zoom account. This frees up individuals to run meetings as they see fit.
  • The account is a Pro/Licensed account so there is no time limit.
  • Anyone attending the meeting can ‘Claim Host’ (see below).


Like a physical meeting room, the account cannot be used by two meetings at the same time. This means meetings overrunning can now affect the next meeting because the next meeting will not be able to start. For this reason not all meetings in the HM General calendar are using the General Zoom account.

How to add an HM General Zoom link to a recurring meeting

Using the desktop app (recommended)

  1. Open the Zoom desktop app then click your profile picture top right – from the dropdown select ‘Switch Account’ and use log in details from 1P to log in as one of the communal accounts.
  2. Go to Schedule bottom left.
  3. Enter the name of the meeting in the Topic box, doesn’t need to be written exactly the same as in GCal – this is just to make any recordings easier to identify later.
  4. Tick the Recurring meeting box so you don’t have to enter date etc.
  5. Leave the Meeting ID as Generate Automatically.
  6. For Calendar at the bottom, choose Other calendars rather then Google Calendar.
  7. When you click Save you will get a new window with a unique link which you can copy and paste into the Location box in your GCal event, remember to also include the Claim Host Key (see below) – it’s the same for all calls linked to each account (but not included in this handbook page for security reasons).
  8. Log out of the HM General account and back into your own!

In the browser

  1. If you’re signed into your personal account, Sign out then log into an HM account.
  2. Meetings on the left
  3. Schedule a Meeting on the right
  4. Then similar to above but the downside is that you have to enter recurrence info, dates etc using this method.

Recommended settings

  • Allow participants to join at any time must be selected otherwise somebody will need to be logged into Zoom as ‘HM General’ to start the call.
  • Video on for Host and Participants.
  • Waiting room off for internal meetings. Do switch it on if you are using the account with external guests for a meetup etc.
  • If you want meetings to be automatically recorded, always record to the cloud (otherwise we have no idea which computer it gets recorded to).

How to tell if the meeting is using the HM General Zoom account?

If in the Google Calendar description there is the phrase Zoom Claim Host ID: ###### then it is using a link from the shared Zoom account. Please keep your meetings to time, or update the General calendar event to realistically reflect how long the meeting will take.

You can also log into the account at, go to Meetings > Upcoming and check the list.

What is this Claim Host magic you talk of?

You can claim the ‘host’ role in any meeting by entering the Host ID. This can be changed at any time for all meetings at the Zoom admin level.

How to claim host

If you enter a HM General Zoom account meeting and go to Participants, a panel to the right of the meeting screen will appear. Then you need to click on the Claim Host button at the bottom of the panel that appears.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting window with Participants and Claim Host buttons highlighted.

When the Claim Host popup box appears, enter in the Host ID from the Google Calendar description, and you will be given host rights for the meeting.

Screenshot of Claim Host popup box.

How to find your own Claim Host ID

If you have set recurring or non-recurring meetings you can also share your Claim Host ID and give others the ability to take over hosting privileges if you are not around.

To find your personal Host ID:

  • Press the Show button. The site will display your Host ID.

You are also able to change the Host ID to be any 6-10 numeric code so that it is easier for you to remember your personal Host ID easier.

What about all these other buttons?

You may find that this Zoom account has a bunch of features disabled or enabled that you have never seen in other meetings. This is because Jenny W went through the account settings on the Zoom website and enabled a bunch of features by default.

This includes breakout rooms, polls, whiteboarding and Nonverbal feedback. For more information on all the Zoom settings, Zoom have a rather comprehensive list on their website.

Screen shot of the non-verbal feedback options in Zoom.

Baymax has selected ‘yes’ as their current feedback option as shown by the green circle with a white tick on the same line as their name.