‘HM General’ Zoom Accounts

There are two shared Zoom Pro/Licensed accounts in the Company 1Password vault. The accounts were created to be used for recurring HM General calendar events.

One uses the red HM logo, the other uses the grey HM logo.

  • The recurring meeting link is not tied to an individual Zoom account. This frees up individuals to run meetings as they see fit.
  • As the accounts are Pro/Licensed accounts there is no time limit.
  • Anyone attending the meeting can claim host.

Any Pro/Licensed account can run two concurrent meetings at the same time. Please see https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206122046-Can-I-Host-Concurrent-Meetings- for details.

This means that across both HM shared Zoom accounts we can run four meetings at any one time. However the HM General 2 account has one meeting slot permanently used by the co-working space at all times so in reality there are only three.

Please do check the HM General calendar to see if there are other meetings using the shared accounts when you want to use one.

How to tell if the meeting is using the HM General Zoom account?

If in the Google Calendar description there is the phrase Zoom Claim Host ID: ###### then it is using a link from the shared Zoom account. Please keep your meetings to time, or update the General calendar event to realistically reflect how long the meeting will take.

You can also log into the account at zoom.us, go to Meetings > Upcoming and check the list.

What about all these other buttons?

You may find that this Zoom account has a bunch of features disabled or enabled that you have never seen in other meetings. This is because Jenny W went through the account settings on the Zoom website and enabled a bunch of features by default.

This includes breakout rooms, polls, whiteboarding and Nonverbal feedback. For more information on all the Zoom settings, Zoom have a rather comprehensive list on their website.

Screen shot of the non-verbal feedback options in Zoom.

Baymax has selected ‘yes’ as their current feedback option as shown by the green circle with a white tick on the same line as their name.