Being hired as a freelancer: what to expect

Human Made hires both full-time employees and freelancers. Our freelancers tend to be distributed across the Engineering and Project Management teams, although we do occasionally hire for other non-engineering roles depending on isolated project requirements.

If you are considering exploring a freelancer engagement at Human Made, please have a read at the following section where we break down the process, expectations and outcomes:

Submitting your application

As soon as you apply via our career site, you will be re-directed to an application stage where you will need to fill out a questionnaire. Unlike our full-time openings where the application questions are more succinct and specific about essential technical background and availability, the freelancer questionnaire is a bit more comprehensive and demands you sit down and think through your answers as this represents the first stage for us to funnel down the applicant pool.

It is very important you provide thorough and direct answers as the questions are addressing specific engagement aspects such as PM frameworks, time zone, hourly rate, proof of experience in web development by providing code samples, among others. This matters because by providing enough detail we will be available to determine the kinds of project you’d be more suited for.

Vetting Process

As soon as we receive your application, it will take a 7-14 day period to conduct a screening and vetting process to ensure we are assigning you to the appropriate regional leads that should qualify you for future projects. Once this happens you will be contacted by the Talent Acquisition team to organize an interview with the appropriate discipline lead (e.g. Engineering and/or Project Management).

Once the discipline lead interviews you, you should expect a follow up message from the Talent Acquisition team within the next week with a final decision. Regardless of being qualified or not, rest assured you will be contacted with proper feedback, and from then on, every time we decide to invite you to a new project.

Getting Contracted and Onboarded

If you’ve made it past the vetting stage, congratulations! You are now qualified to be engaged as freelance Engineer for upcoming projects. Nevertheless, bear in mind that given the nature of your engagement, we won’t be contacting you immediately after you’ve been assessed and qualified. There will be occasions we will be actively looking to find a freelancer ad hoc depending on limited capacity and project requirements, but in the majority of engagements, you will be contacted at different times when we come into projects that suit your skills and experience.