We provide all the equipment you need to do your job effectively. Expect to own top-of-the-range kit:

  • A new computer every 2 years.
  • A new mobile phone every 2 years.
  • A good pair of headphones and a microphone.
  • An external monitor (if required), keyboard, mouse etc.
  • An ergonomic office desk and chair.
  • Any other equipment needed to work effectively.

Use the following list of reference equipment as a guides, if you _need_ better/more expensive equipment to do your job effectively then please let us know when requesting.

If you are purchasing from a non-UK retailer, the amount HM will reimburse/cover is the cost of the models (listed above) in that country (whether it’s more or less), not the currency equivalent of the GBP amount.

If you’re unsure what to buy you might find it helpful to ask others in Slack (in #interests-gadgets for example), before running it past us.

Assets over £500 must be purchased by Human Made and not expensed. Once you know the specs of what you’d like, create an issue in the expenses repo, including the spec of the device and add to the expenses backlog.

It’s fine to purchase second-hand items as long as the seller can provide you with a proof of purchase (doesn’t need to be a VAT/GST invoice).

We maintain a 🔒 list of all company assets.


If your equipment was purchased by Human Made it is covered by our worldwide insurance. Otherwise, you should purchase equipment insurance and expense it to the company. If you’re unsure ask team admin.