Traveling While Working

Since we are a location-agnostic company, you are welcome to travel while you are working if you choose to. If you are travelling when working you are still expected to deliver on project, team, and squad commitments, and attend any client or team meetings.

You can find fellow traveling humans in the #hmgoes channel in Slack. Feel free to ask for help or tips there if you need it.

Some general guidelines for traveling while working:

  • use an application like Clocks to stay on top of time zones
  • keep anyone who is reliant on you updated on your location
  • make sure you are aware of any work expectations while you a travelling and that you can meet them
  • let your team members know if you expect to be offline for any longer periods
  • if you have a voice or video meeting, make sure you are somewhere quiet with a good internet connection
  • get a good set of headphones and a microphone – this is covered by our expenses policy
  • try to travel with an unlocked mobile device so you can update the SIM card in whichever country you are in
  • seek out the local WordPress meetup wherever you are and, if you can attend the meetup. It’s a great way to meet some locals and learn more about the area