Time Off to Protest and Vote

Time Off to Protest 

Human Made will provide up to 3 days within the holiday year for protests provided you do so in a way that is in line with our company values. If you are unsure about that you can check with Siobhan. Time off can be logged in Bob under the category ‘Vote/Election duties’.

You should continue to follow relevant government guidance applicable at the time of protest, e.g. social distancing during a pandemic.

If you become injured during a protest and subsequently have to take time off work to recover then please let the company know as soon as possible by telephone, text or email in line with our Sickness Policy and log this time off as ‘sick’ in Bob. 

If you are arrested and charged at a protest you are not obliged to inform us unless your actions may bring the company into serious disrepute, which may result in disciplinary action being taken against you as per Human Made’s Disciplinary Procedure and subsequent dismissal due to Gross Misconduct.

Time Off to Vote

Human Made encourages all humans to vote in local and national elections. Ideally, you should exercise your voting rights at the start or end of your normal working hours.  However, this may not always be practical due to other commitments and you may need to arrange additional or an alternative time to vote.  Human Made will grant a reasonable period of time of paid leave to vote.  Normally this should not exceed a maximum of 4 hours but this can be flexible on an individual basis.  

Time off for voting should be recorded under the category ‘Voting/Election Duties’ in Bob.

Humans who are planning to serve as an election official can take a day of paid leave to serve in this capacity.  You must notify your Manager a minimum of seven days in advance of your need for time off in order to accommodate the necessary rescheduling of work within your team. This time off should be recorded under the category ‘Voting/Election Duties’ in Bob.

As with other leave, it’s important that you discuss and agree your plans with your Manager and team. For client-facing roles, you should let allocations know to make sure that Forecast is updated with your time off.