Co-working policy

As the world is opening up a little through the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that humans are keen to start meeting up with each other. This page provides guidance on organising your meetup.

We encourage you to meet up locally with other humans, provided you feel safe and comfortable doing so. This should be done in line with any Covid restrictions within your locale. You should follow any regulations with regards to social distancing and mask wearing.

We are not yet planning team or regional meetups. Any meetups should be local, low-cost, and focused on co-working. If you do not have any other humans near to you Human Made will support you to travel to another country, provided you follow any applicable national or international restrictions. Humans who have not met with other people within the company and who have been at HM for more than six months will be prioritised for international travel. 

Please book your travel through Travel Perk. If you have any credit or vouchers from the cancelled 2020 retreat you should use these for your travel.

Some rules:

  • You should continue to do your day job while co-working.
  • You should discuss the plans with your manager and anyone who will be impacted.
  • Travel should not impact your ability to do your job.
  • Any individual purchase of more than £100 needs to be approved through the expenses backlog.
  • You can expense travel and subsistence. 
  • If you are organising a multi-day meetup with overnight stays you should open an expense ticket with an estimate of the total cost. You can find guidance organising a meetup here
  • Attending co-working isn’t required for your role, therefore there is no lieu time for travel. 
  • Do not travel to meet with other humans if you or anyone you live has symptoms of Covid-19.


Do I need to have had a COVID-19 vaccination to meet up with other humans?

Human Made does not require you to have a vaccination to travel to meet up with other humans. However, if you want to, you can ask other humans if they have been vaccinated and make a decision about whether to attend based on your own comfort level. We ask that all humans be considerate and empathetic when it comes to each other’s comfort levels and individual choices. 

What type of things can I expense?

You can expense travel and subsistence (lunch, dinner, breakfast). If you are meeting up for a few days you can expense an Airbnb or hotel. Don’t eat at fancy restaurants every day, but if you’re organising a multi-day meetup or you haven’t met up for a while it’s fine to expense a nice restaurant. As a rough guide, we estimate £50 per day per person. 

There are no humans local to me: can I travel internationally?

You should default to meeting with local humans. However, if you are the only person in your country, or if you can travel low-cost to visit other humans in another country then it is fine to do so. You should follow our guidelines on international travel. 

Why are we doing local co-working but not team meetups?

Many of our teams are international and given the variation in Covid restrictions around the world it is difficult to apply a consistent meetup policy that allows all teams to meetup. However, if your team is local to you or you can travel in a low-cost and safe manner then you can arrange to meet up, provided you follow the above guidelines.