Co-working policy

While Human Made is a remote company, we know  that meeting up and spending time in person is really important. There are opportunities for this throughout the year, including meetups, the retreat, and attending events with other humans. However, we want to be sure that you can take advantage of any casual and ad hoc opportunities for meeting up and co-working with other humans.

Examples of this are:

  • adding a few days before or after another event to co-work together. For example, if you are attending a WordCamp, you may want to spend a few days beforehand with colleagues working together.
  • having an ad hoc meetup which has low expenses but provides a good opportunity for getting work done together. Examples for this might be a local client project team getting together for a launch, or a team getting together to work on/kick off an internal project.

You can arrange these types of co-working meetups whenever the opportunity arises, but you should stick to the following guidelines:

  • you should continue to do your day job while co-working
  • you should discuss the plans with your manager and anyone who will be impacted
  • travel should not impact your ability to do your job
  • costs should come from your remote-working allowance, and ideally be kept below £500. If they are in excess of that you should discuss with the partner responsible for your department