How to claim host

See also the Zoom support page.

You can claim the ‘host’ role in any meeting by entering the Host ID which can be found in 1Password for each account (and also by logging into an account, viewing the Profile tab and scrolling to the bottom).

If you enter a HM General Zoom account meeting and go to Participants, a panel to the right of the meeting screen will appear. Then you need to click on the Claim Host button at the bottom of the panel that appears.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting window with Participants and Claim Host buttons highlighted.

When the Claim Host popup box appears, enter in the Host ID from the Google Calendar description, and you will be given host rights for the meeting.

Screenshot of Claim Host popup box.

How to find your own Claim Host ID

If you have set recurring or non-recurring meetings you can also share your Claim Host ID and give others the ability to take over hosting privileges if you are not around.

To find your personal Host ID:

  • Press the Show button. The site will display your Host ID.

You are also able to change the Host ID to be any 6-10 numeric code so that it is easier for you to remember your personal Host ID easier.