HM Channel

There is a Human Made YouTube channel but if you would like to share a video with the company, the best way is to have Tom post it to his channel. This is because the HM channel is a ‘brand account’ and therefore doesn’t provide the option of ‘let everyone at view’ so you have to share it unlisted which isn’t secure enough. It’s not good practice to share videos from your own Human Made YouTube channel in case you ever leave the company.


  • Petya
  • Siobhan
  • Tom W
  • Ryan
  • Joe H
  • Corey Brown
  • Jenny W
  • Jon

Tom W’s channel

If you have a video you would like Tom to publish on his channel, please ping @ceo in #company-admin in Slack. Tom will give you access to upload directly yourself then you should set options as follows:

Don’t forget to click SAVE at the end!