Expenses Policy

This policy is affected by the current Q2 pause on non-essential expenses, please see this post from July 2022 for further details.

As a remote worker in a distributed company, you will have a number of work-related expenses that you can expect to be reimbursed by the company. If there is anything that falls outside the remote work allowance and that costs less than £100, you can just buy and expense it. For anything higher, the purchase should be entered into the expenses backlog for approval.

For recurring expenses (such as subscriptions) below £100 per month, you can buy and expense this on a month-by-month plan. Please also enter these into the expenses backlog for tracking purposes, and ensure invoices are sent to the billing@humanmade.com email address.

To expense an item, you must have an itemised till receipt or invoice – credit card slips are unusable.

If it’s inconvenient for you to be out of pocket for any purchases you need to make, DM Daisy in Slack and she will either purchase on your behalf or provide credit card details.

We also have a company Amazon Business account where you can order on any of the Amazon sites (.com, .co.uk, .fr etc) without having to enter payment details. Daisy and Zoe are admins so ping them if you would like to be added. You also need to send them the address you want your orders shipped to so they can add it to the address book.

There are also details for two company PayPal accounts in 1Password; US employees should use the Inc one, everyone else the other one. Ideally you would run it past Zoe before using but if it’s urgent and you can’t get hold of anyone to ask, go ahead and use it; just please ensure you get a receipt from the merchant (not just the PayPal receipt).