Conferences & events

As part of your role at Human Made, you may be expected to travel to events and conferences. If you are unsure about whether you should be travelling check with Tom, Joe, or Noel. Reasons for travel include:

  • Representing the company (speaking or running a booth, for example)
  • Representing the WordPress community
  • Meeting with other humans
  • Meeting clients or potential new hires.

Events for professional development

In addition to the above reasons, you have available to you a minimum conference budget of £1,000. You should expect to spend this every year. If it makes sense to your role you can spend more.

This budget is specifically for professional development. You do not need to get approval to make use of it, but should use it for events that will help you to grow professionally.

Professional development includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Learning a new technology
  • Expanding your knowledge of technology you already work with
  • Learning about new methodologies and approaches
  • Gaining experience as a speaker

Attending WordCamps

It’s great for humans to attend WordCamps as it’s a good opportunity to meet with other humans and engage with the WordPress community. You are encouraged to attend any WordCamps that are local to you, including those that are a short flight away. As a globally distributed company, we usually have a good presence at most major WordCamps, therefore unless your role explicitly requires it, or if there is a valid business reason, you shouldn’t expect to travel intercontinentally to WordCamps (this includes WordCamp US and WordCamp Europe).

What expenses will Human Made cover for conference travel?

You can read more details in our expenses policy, but in general you can expect the following to be covered:

  • tickets to the event.
  • all travel expenses including air travel (not premium / business / first class), trains, Ubers & taxis.
  • your accommodation costs (up to 3-4 star hotels).
  • Food and drink
  • taking others out for drinks/dinner if there is a reason (e.g. WordPress contributors, potential hires, clients, or potential clients)

Attending a conference with other humans

Conferences are a great opportunity to meet up with other humans and get some much-needed face time. When attending a conference with other humans:

  • If there are several humans attending together, a budget should be planned and signed off in advance to ensure affordability. (Group attendance can get expensive and sometimes we might not be able to afford it).
  • You could plan to get an Airbnb together. You can always get help when booking your accommodation and travel.
  • If your schedule allows it, you could co-work for a few days before or after the event. Human Made will cover the expenses and you could use the time to work on one of our many internal projects.
  • While at the event itself make sure you mix with people from the wider community.

Letting others know you’re attending an event

To let other humans know you’re planning to attend an event, please add it to the 🔒 Upcoming Conferences and Events spreadsheet.

This is for general planning purposes, but also because we like to give humans at conferences a public shout-out on social media shortly before, or on the day of the event. Here’s an example tweet:

If you prefer not to be mentioned on social media, the Marketing department will obviously be happy to respect that. Please still add your conference info to the spreadsheet, and notify a human from Marketing about your preference.