Everyone at the company will receive an inflationary-based raise. This is calculated at the start of every financial year based on the currency in which you are paid. For 2020/21 the rate is 2%. You will receive this on the anniversary of your last raise.

Performance raises

You can also request a raise based on your performance. We are currently developing a new system to manage this, but in the interim you can follow this process:

  1. Approaching the anniversary of your last raise, your should start to have discussions with your manager about having a performance-based raise.
  2. You should then talk to the partner responsible for your department to request it. Your manager will provide you with support here.

The partners responsible for each team/department are:

  • Joe – Engineers, Platform Services
  • Tom – PMs, Operations (will include Accounts, one S&AM has split)
  • Noel – Sales & Business Development, Marketing, Design

Managers: you will be informed of when your reports are due a raise so please actively follow-up with them to ensure that they feel confident taking it forward.

Employee Loans

If you need an advance on your salary, talk to us. We will try to help where we can.