Offboarding checklist

When a human¬†leaves, there’s some house-keeping to attend to for the security and privacy of the company and our clients.

Company-level offboarding is done by a member of the People Team, before and after the last day of the person’s employment. The People Coordinator will add the leaver to the Pre-Offboard and Offboarding tabs in this google sheet and will work their way through the lists.

Team/project level offboarding should be done by the team lead/line manager or PM.

The items are:

  • Remove from Github
  • Change password on HMN.MD network
  • Remove from regular meetings
  • Ask to export and files/emails from Gmail
  • Ask to confirm any co-working membership has been cancelled
  • Transfer Google Docs to another owner
  • Delete Google Account
  • Remove from HM Calendar
  • Remove from Trello
  • Remove from developer (and sys admin) SSH keys and deploy
  • Ask to export 1Password passwords
  • Remove from Dropbox
  • Remove from Forecast
  • Remove from Backblaze
  • Remove from AWS
  • remove from Zapier
  • sign confidential information deletion
  • remove from Bob
  • remove from Airbnb
  • remove from uber
  • Remove from HM Central (docs site & vantage)
  • Remove from 1Password
  • Remove from Travel Perk