Offboarding checklist

When a human leaves, there’s some house-keeping to attend to for the security and privacy of the company and our clients.

When a human leaves, create a post on the 🔒 onboarding P2 with the person’s name and copy over the following checklist:

o Remove from Slack
o Remove from GitHub
o Remove from P2s & HMN.MD network
o Remove from regular meetings
o Remove from HM Calendar
o Remove from Trello
o Remove from developer (and sys admin) SSH keys and deploy
o Remove email address
o Remove from G Suite
o Remove from Human Made 1Password Team
o Remove from Human Made Dropbox account
o Remove from Forecast
o Remove from Pipedrive
o Remove from Hackpad team
o Remove from Dropbox Paper team
o Remove from Backblaze
o Remove from Zapier
o Remove from
o Remove from AWS (if applicable)
o sign confidential information deletion doc
o remove from CharlieHR
o remove from VIP Zendesk (if applicable)

This list has largely been compiled from the services and accounts mentioned in the starting pages for when new Humans start. So any team-specific services and accounts may not be covered, but should probably be added here still.


Slack, travel booking, expensing, misc external paid accounts


Proxy, SVN, Trac (including ticket reassignment), mailing lists, support tools, email server (including forwarding, if needed), Google tools, access, hacker one, GitHub, Dropbox, Apple Developer


DocSign, finance sharing tools


Social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+