Managers & 1:1s

You will have regular 1:1 catchup calls which are a good opportunity to talk through any issues you are having.

  • Everyone will have a 1:1 with their manager at least monthly.
  • For new starters, you will have a 1:1 with Tom after your first 3-4 weeks (Daisy will send you a calendar invite).
  • Anyone can book an ad-hoc 1:1 with Tom whenever.

You can, however, raise anything at any point – you do not need to wait for a 1:1 for a pressing matter. You should always feel able to message your manager, Siobhan as VP of People and Culture; Tom, Joe, or Noel; or any other leaders on Slack for help.

Book an ad-hoc 1:1 with Tom

You can book an ad-hoc 1:1 with Tom by DM’ing Daisy in Slack, she will book for the following week by default so make sure you let her know if it’s urgent.

You should book one of these for any reason, it’s a key part of Tom’s role to provide support to you. Some of the reasons you might want to book a 1:1 with Tom:

  • You have questions, thoughts or concerns about Human Made or some part of it.
  • You have concerns with your manager or someone else in leadership.
  • You have a proposal or suggestion that you want to talk through.
  • You are worried about your role, the company, etc.

You may want to talk to your manager first for advice, they may suggest that a followup 1:1 with Tom could be a good next step.