Wireless Network Security

If you are connecting to the internet or an internal network via Wi-Fi you must take precautions to ensure you do so securely. This policy covers use of all wireless networks including those at our offices, at your home or those that you connect to whilst travelling (for example in a hotel or Starbucks).

Networks you don’t control

Never connect directly to work resources across an insecure wireless network connection.

You must always be connected to our SSH proxy when using a wireless network you don’t control. Human Made enforces this for all sensitive work data by locking access down to only our SSH proxy IP.

Networks you control

If you control the wireless network then it’s important that you set it up securely:

  • The wireless network must be WPA2 protected as a minimum, WEP is not acceptable.
  • The wireless password must be changed every 3 months.
  • You should regularly check for and apply security firmware updates.
  • Approval is required from the network administrator before new users or devices are given access to a network.
  • For untrusted users, you should setup a Guest network to allow access to the internet without permitting access to your local trusted network. Apple routers allow for this and are our recommended router.
  • The network administrator must keep a record of all approved users and devices.
  • You should regularly check the list of users and devices connected to your network and block any devices that no-longer need access.
  • The router should be setup to keep a log of all network intrusion attempts.