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Yu Hee

I was born in Madrid, Spain to South Korean parents, and raised all over the Americas, which explains why I am fluent in both English and Spanish; I do speak Korean but tend to sound like a 4-year-old kid.

I hold a BSc in Math from the University of Tennesse, Knoxville, and a BA in Linguistics and English Philology from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and sadly, I can't calculate intricate equations in record time, nor provide the meaning of every Latin word in a legal contract. I do know how to find people who could that better than I, which I think explains my natural tendency to act as a connector between individuals and teams, and support the chances for both to achieve their full potential.

Quick facts:
-I live in Barcelona at the minute, where get to run, cycle, eat jamón, vermouth and tapas, roast in the sun and appreciate the architecture and culture.
-I adopted a pup named Bruna who my mom decided to keep. I named her after Bruno Girolamo Cardano, an Italian Polymath who introduced some of the first notions in Game Theory.
-I'm really bad at Hi-5s
-I love technology but more often than not, I do find myself using the phone as a remote for the TV.
-I care a lot about equality, inclusion, and sustainability.
-I built a small job marketplace for remote work in the impact space with one of my best friends (
-I used to know how to code in C++, but I'm pretty sure I forgot most of it.