Senior Account Manager

As an Account Manager at Human Made you are responsible for looking after client accounts. You will collaborate with Project Managers to plan and manage the project delivery process and collaborate with Sales Managers to plan for current and future revenue in your region.

You are the representative of the clients’ interests to Human Made, and the key representative of the company to our clients. Your role is to cultivate excellent commercial and operational environments for the successful and sustainable delivery of value for your clients, and to ensure that the delivery teams in both our platform and client services teams have a well structured and rewarding set of client needs to meet.

What you will do

Within specific client engagements, you are responsible for the commercial relationship from the point of transition from sales to delivery onwards, defining and agreeing terms and legal agreements, and ensuring that terms are adhered to and kept up-to-date. You will maintain an excellent professional relationship with the client company and individual stakeholders, maintaining strong bonds of trust and respect, and ensuring open communication and collaboration. You will coordinate with the delivery team, including the Project Manager and the Project Technical Lead, solve account-level problems and maintain the good working relationship between the project team and client. Human Made seeks to be the trusted technical partner of every client, and you will work with the rest of the project team to achieve that goal. You’ll have a good working knowledge of the agile methodologies that Human Made uses to deliver projects and should use this knowledge to support the delivery of our projects.

You will maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the capacity and capabilities for delivery inside Client Services in your region and globally. You will maintain an in-depth understanding of the Altis DXP, how it can deliver value to clients, and how clients can take best advantage of it. In collaboration with the Platform Services Department you’ll help prioritise the roadmap for future Altis features, bringing insight of client and market needs.

You’ll work with finance on invoicing and billing and ensuring that up-to-date information regarding the delivery of projects is available in our centralised information tools, maintaining a clear and accurate picture of current and forecasted financial information to the Operations Team. 

You will ensure a clear and successful transition from sales to delivery phases of a client relationship, and will collaborate with the sales manager, assisting in the writing and reviewing of proposals, pitches, and presentations. You will ensure that the delivery team’s capacity and capabilities is clearly understood by the sales manager and that the sales process brings clear expectations and understanding to the delivery team and client. You’ll engage directly with the sales process as deals approach closure to establish long-term relationships and to prepare and share legal agreements for execution.

You will proactively engage in the ongoing process of improving the systems and processes in the Accounts Team and the wider Client Services Department, fixing problems where you see them and actively contributing to organisational learning.

Human Made is a remote company. In the role of Account Manager, this means that you will need to be adept at communicating in a clear and timely way with colleagues and clients using a broad range of technologies. These will include real-time text, voice and video communications tools, software development support tools such as repositories and issue management tools, intranet blogging platforms, and email. You should be comfortable across these mediums, and be able to engage clients in a social setting.

You’ll be sensitive to the challenges of dealing with teams distributed across different time zones, cultures, and business contexts, many of whom have English as a second or third language. You can work in a self-directed manner, addressing problems as they come up, and identifying issues in your area of work and fixing them. You will need to prioritise your tasks and be confident about speaking up to ask for help when you need it.


  • At least 5 years of overall work experience
  • 2 years of leading relationships with enterprise clients in a project or account management capacity
  • Background or acquired understanding of technology professional services and/ or SaaS product sector.
  • Experience and/or knowledge working with:
    • an agile framework and/or with agile management principles
    • a distributed team, geographically distributed and communicating across a variety of synchronous and asynchronous channels
    • A professional services agency context, delivering to clients under a range of contractual arrangements.
  • Familiarity with the drafting and negotiation of contracts for the delivery of SaaS products and software development services.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, both internally and with clients.
  • You should be comfortable making decisions based upon partial information, leaning upon good intuition and judgement, and be able to bring a team along with you.
  • Excellent organisational skills, time management, and attention to detail.
  • Strong financial analysis skills, and data collation and analysis. 
  • Diplomacy when approaching the sometimes competing needs of the client and the project team.
  • Experience or understanding in the following verticals would be a plus
    • financial and banking.
    • broadcasting and publishing.
    • marketing and advertising.


  • Maintaining a healthy and growing portfolio of existing clients in your region.
    • Manage client accounts in your region
    • Be the point of escalation for client-related issues 
    • Financial reporting and client-level administration
    • Manage the risk associated with the development and platform clients in your region, and ensure the clients’ expectations match ours.
  • Take lead on the transition of projects into delivery from sales
    • Join in the production of pitch decks or documents built by Sales for project sustainability
    • Take responsibility for the relationship with the lead through the onboarding process.
    • Ensure delivery teams have adequate resources and information to deliver the project.
  • Actively contribute to improving systems and processes in the client services team