Duolingo app

If you are a user of the Duolingo language learning app, you can access premium features via a Family account so that you can interact with colleagues, follow each other’s progress etc. Each ‘family’ can have six users (including the Family Manager) so if there are no remaining spaces in an existing one, you can create a new one and expense the cost. When you create a new account, please add it to the list below. N.B. To create a family for HM employees, you can’t already be a member of another existing Duolingo family.

To add/remove a member to/from your Duolingo family in the phone app, go to the Shop page (far right icon at the bottom), then Manage Features, then Manage Family then EDIT.

If you want to be added to an existing family, please ping the Family Manager in #interests-language in Slack.

If you stop using Duolingo please ask the Manager of your family to remove you so the spot can be given to someone else.

Family 1 – full

  • Daisy (Family Manager)
  • Corey Benefiel
  • Corey Brown
  • Pawel
  • Joe B
  • [open]

Family 2

  • Lorna (Family Manager)
  • Abhishek
  • Jade
  • Firdaus
  • KAdam
  • [open]

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